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2D to 3D design service for 3D printing

2d to 3d

Convert 2D photo to 3D sculpture

3D colorful relief from single photo


usually we need only one photo to convert it to 3D, it will be good reference if you have other angle views.

the photo should be high quality, so the model can get good color from it.


if you have 3D camera or scanner to get the model, we also can optimize and repair it for printing.


Example pic
Example pic


About us

We are design team, converting photo, image or graphic to 3D model, colorful relief or bas-relief .

with our service, you can produce a full-color 3D relief sculpture from a normal photo using 3D-printing technology (such as Zprinter).


As for the photo, Higher resolution images will obviously work better, Best suited are individual portraits, such as pictures taken by the school photograph, portraits of couples (wedding photos), or a picture of your pet.


As for the relief model, we can support many formats, such as .stl , .ohj , .fbx or .vrml and so on, the backgroud can be kept or removed , Also the model can be hollow to keep the printing cost low.